higher order function ^ first class function

See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10141124/any-difference-between-first-class-function-and-high-order-function.

Higher Order Function — A “boss” function that takes in smaller worker functions. Usually these workers are “applied” on a sequence.

Simplest Example: Python filter()/reduce()/map()

First Class Function — Each function is treated like a regular object and passed in/out of HOF. Often implemented as lambda (or closure). Functor too [[Essential C++]] P127.

Why FirstClass? I think objects are the only first class thing in traditional languages.

Simplest Example: Python lambda
Python has other HOF features. I guess decorator might be.

STL functors qualify as FCF. STL algorithms taking those functors qualify as HOF. For example,

C# Linq has many HOF functions like ForEach(), Aggregate() and many aggregate functions. Many other C# function take (unicast) delegate arguments.
C# lambda (and anonymous delegates) is the typical FCF.


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