constant study (over last5Y)keeps brain young#like muscle

I believe our mind (esp. our memory) is like a muscle. If we don't

seriously use it, it tends to age, weaken and lose capacity.

Over the last 5 years, i spent 2009-2011 in the US on my own —

tremendous learning and improvement, perhaps the most active learning

period in my professional life. Then after I came back to SG, i

studied financial math program, c#/dotnet, and some c++.

I feel the serious study keeps my mind active. However, over the last

18 months, I notice various signs of my learning capacity reducing,

but it's not all due to aging —

* biggest factor is lack of concentration, due to kids and family commitment

* not enough time to periodically re-visit each topic,

After all, I feel it's vital and paramount to keep our mind in

constant learning mode. 活到老学到老.


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