## which skill/field CAN be self-taught

Domain knowledge is easier to “fake” than c#/c++. It’s hard to fake the mileage…

Q: which fields can be truly self-taught to in-depth? For example, mobile apps, desktop apps.

Goal #1: pass job interviews
Goal #2: reach the professional level of Theoretical expertise
Goal #3: reach the professional level of Practical expertise

* Quant? too dry. Too many doubts to be clarified only by professor. However the basic math part is standard and well-defined. Goal 3 is invalid.
* high-frequency, algo? Many books but none on real tricks. Compare swing books! Very few jobs.
* network/linux optimization? need machine to try. Extreme optimization techniques are top secrets.
* FIX? Many practical issues hard to imagine. No focus.

* swing, wpf? — tricks can be self-taught through experiment. Practical books are available. But practical problems are unknown.
* c# and core libraries? Real obstacle is the IDE. Practical books abound.
risk-mgmt? impossible to experiment.
coherence? too many subtopics. no focus. Hard to experiment.
tibco? no book at all. Hard to experiment
threading? Can hit Goal 2, not 3

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