share huge static memory chunk btw2processes

Based on P244 [[linux sys programming ]]

I am not quite sure about the use cases[1], but let’s say this huge file needs to be loaded into memory, by 2 processes. If readonly, then memory savings is possible by sharing the memory pages between the 2 processes. Basically, the 2 virtual address spaces map to the same physical pages.

Now suppose one of them — Process-A — needs to write to that memory. Copy-on-write takes place so Process-B isn’t affected. The write is “intercepted” by the kernel which transparently creates a “copy”, before committing the write to the new page.

fork() system call is another user of Copy-on-write technique.

[1] Use cases?

* perhaps a large library, where the binary code must be loaded into memory
* memory-mapped file perhaps


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