c++iv: Jump#2

Mostly QQ type of questions. I feel i may have to give up on some of the very low level (perf optimization) topics. I feel java and c# interviews are not so low.

Most of the questions are fairly … uncommon

Q: What data type would you use for the tasks in a thread pool??
(I find this question too advanced. c++11 offers Futures…)

Q: After malloc(), how do you cast the pointer to MyClass* ? Do you call the ctor? How?
(This is asked again by Alex of DRW)
A: placement-new?

Inter-thread communications in thread pool – how does it work?
Thread pool — Your resume mentioned your home-made thread pool? How?
Boost::any, boost::bind, boost::function
CPU cache – how do you use it to improve performance? Any specific techniques?
Stack size – who controls it? at Compile time or run time?
Stack overflow – who can detect it and print an error msg? JVM can do it but what if there’s no VM?
Shared ptr – how is it implemented?
Scoped lock – what is it, why use it?
Your bash shell customizations as a cpp developer?
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH — what is it?


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