what c++ topics are valuable in the long run on Wall St

When you first pick up a language (like c++) from 11 textbooks, you form a view of what topics (know-how/insights) are important, and worth spending time on.

However, once in the field you will get a different view. Over the years, I realized
++ remote debugger is critical

++ lots of C techniques are widely used on Wall St.

++ MSVS is a dominant tool, so is GNU toolkit.

++ multiple inheritance is still relevant

— most whiteboard coding will use C constructs + vector/string, not fancy c++ features

— STL containers are widely adopted, but not everything in STL is equally important.
— portability isn’t a issue.

— template techniques are powerful but seldom used on Wall St
— boost shared_ptr is widely used, but not other boost libraries

— strings — many teams have their in-house development, so the std string is less imp

— I feel OO techniques are not as popular/easy as in java/c#

So over 50 years (if I were to work that long), i’m going to discover all the important topics. Now question is how to quickly discover them, so as to focus on the most valuable.

Answer — I feel a beginner is better off changing project frequently. The more diverse projects you take on, the faster you discover those important “topics”.

The rolling stone gathers no moss? Well, i feel this is not the case for the beginner dynamic traveling consultant:)


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