c#multicast event field=newsletterTitle=M:1 relationship

This is a revisit to the “BB” in the post on two “unrelated” categories of delegate —

BB) event field Backed by a multicast delegate instance

If a class defines 2 events (let’s assume non-static), we can think of them as 2 newsletter titles both owned by each class Instance. Say Xbox newsletter has 33 subscribers, and WeightWatcher newsletter has 11 subscribers. If we have 10 classes instances, theen 440 subscriptions.

In general, Each newsletter title (i.e. event field) has
* exactly 1 owner/broadcaster i.e. the class instance
* 0 or more subscribers, each a 2-pointer wrapper, as described in other posts on delegates.

You can say each newsletter title (i.e. each event field) defines a M:1 relationship.

Forgive me for repeating the obvious — don’t confuse an event Field vs an event Firing. The Xbox newsletter can have 12 issues (12 event firings) a year, but it’s all under one newsletter title.

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