Stoch Lesson 19 N@T is !! a TVRV

See Lesson 05 about norm().
See Lesson 15 about TVRV.

If we say some measurable value x ~ norm(m,v), then this x shows a normal distribution with mean m and variance v. I feel it’s safe to say x is from a particular noisegen, which is /characterized/ by the pair m and v.

Now, this x is NOT always a TVRV. Instead, when we say something follows some distribution, we are looking at the crystal ball:

– This x could be the future value of a TVRV at a specific target date, or
– This x could be the _increment_ in a TVRV over a future interval.

In both cases above, x is a Noisegen Output @ a Future Time — N@T. It’s rather useful to pin down whether some item (in a big formula) is a N@T or a TVRV. Not always obvious. Need a bit of clear thinking.


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