tech jobs | new territories acquired

If we are too honest, we could portray ourselves as a junior java developer — only 2009 – 2012. In fact many java veterans stop learning after the first 3 years. Domain knowledge? Only bond pricing/trade capture + vol fitter – mostly non-mainstream domains in the Asia context, since bond and option markets are really mature and developed only in the US.

That would be the situation if we were too honest. However, right now I feel confident to claim many other territories thanks to my “ECA” learning.

* FX – I described several FX projects and I feel confident talking about them in details
* eq
* vol – I studied most of these things on my own before the Barclays interview
* threading — obvious
* swing – I took up some swing projects in Citi and did some personal projects while in BofA. Then I learnt key tricks from Guillaume and practiced over a few days. I know my swing CV and swing interviews work.
* FIX?
* C# — I blogged about many topics. I passed many first-round interviews. I know my c# CV (and c# interviews) works!
* c++ — similar and even more interviews passed.

This is one of the most powerful, deep and indelible personal experiences to shape my perceptions, priorities, motivations,

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