quant fund preference: y Eq/FX imt FI/commodities %%take

I feel quant funds (including HFT funds)

* does a large number of small trades and
* relies on a large volume of market data for statistical research/analysis. Sample size must be statistically meaningful.
I guess most FI and commodity markets often don’t support these. Some popular FI/Comm instruments have rich data volume, but doesn’t support small in-and-out trades. In FI/Comm, you buy and hold, rather than quick in-and-out trades. But how about high-volume listed FI instruments (like ED futures?) I hope the bid/ask is small enough to support in-and-out.
How about listed options? I feel percentage spread (bid/ask spread divided by mid-quote) is usually too large, so quick in-and-out trades are not always possible?

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