%errorlevel% in DOS, briefly

Errorlevel is like a “dynamic readonly” whiteboard (NOT an environment variable — see below). The whiteboard is wiped clean and overwritten by DOS after each command executed. This happens whether you run the commands interactively or in batch using *.bat files.

You can say this whiteboard shows _transient_ values. For a crude analogy, consider the variable behind LED temperature display. It keeps changing.

If you want to capture a particular transient value of this object, save it *immediately* in your own variable (before echoing %errorlevel%). See http://www.coretekservices.com/2012/06/28/dos-batch-file-error-level-checking-tricks/

A: %ERRORLEVEL% will expand into a String representation of the current value of ERRORLEVEL, provided that there is not already an environment variable with the name ERRORLEVEL, in which case you will get its value instead. 
A: To see the value, you must use %xxx%. Consistent with other DOS variables such as %OS%


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