a "service" having exclusive know-how about a "resource&quot: eg@vague OO-speak

Here’s another eg of vague OO-speak (see other posts on vague OO-speak)

We often say “This intelligentService class KNOWS how to use this db/inet/MOM/calc-library, so a client can invoke this command/service method on intelligentService.”

What we mean is, intelligentService class 1) has a private field for locating the resource, and 2) the command method Body can intelligently use it to satisfy the request.

The private resource field and usage logic is not exposed to clients. Encapsulated, so intelligentService class alone “knows” about it.

It’s often assumed the intelligentService developer is the only person who needs that knowledge. In practice intelligentService developer is often the same developer of the client classes, but it’s good to conceptually separate the 2 roles.


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