##what bad things can crash JVM

(Why bother? These are arcane details seldom discussed under the spotlight, but practically important in most java/c++ integrations.)

Most JVM exits happen with some uncaught exception or explicit System.exit(). These are soft-landings — you always know what actually killed it.

In contrast, the hard-landing exits result in a hs_err_pid.log file, which gives cryptic clues to the cause of death. For example, this message in the hs_err file is a null pointer in JNI —

siginfo: ExceptionCode=0xc0000005, reading address 0x00000000

Note this hs_err file is produced by a fatal error handler. However, if you pull the power plug, the FEH may not have a chance to run, and you get what I call an “unmanaged exit“. Unmanaged exit is rare. I have yet to see one.

People often ask what bad things could cause a hard landing? P79 [[javaPerformance]] mentions that FEH can fire due to

* fault in application JNI code
* fault in OS native code
* fault in JRE native code
* fault in the VM itself


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