IV – HFT trading operation support

Q: What’s a busted trade. How can it be busted?

Q: If I send a IOC sell of 12.05 but the best bid is $12, how could this be filled?

I believe IOC / FOK are all limit orders. Market orders are implicitly IOC — if orderbook is (almost) empty on this side, the market order is (partially) cancelled.

Q: what’s a resting order?

Q: if a sell limit order is $27 and a new buy limit order comes in at $28, what would be trade price?
A: $27. new comer is given the best price available. Note the buyer doesn’t know what the best offer would become when his order hits the book, so he uses limit order not a market order.

Q: what’s away order?

Q: whats intermarket sweep order

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