[11]4 career (survival) struggles – trading sys developers

Focus here is the trading sys hands-on developer’s career planning. Actually all the stressors here are mild compared to those listed in ## 3 heaviest job stressors

Struggle1: compete for jobs — Without strategies, one can easily get out-shined. The older, the harder. Often the hardest and the one struggle that counts. Recall our 2011-2012 job search…

Struggle1b: overcome the “relevant experience” obstacle. No one has track record in every major area. .

Struggle2: survive first 3->6-12 months — Statistically, most Veterans do survive but it can be a struggle for some. Banks pay 300% for a battle-tested veteran in order to get-things-done quickly. Timeline can be extremely demanding and pushing the human limit. Long hours. Can affect health, stress on everything including family. I was told developers in Asia face additional challenges.

Struggle2b: gain insight, create truly superior designs, add long term value — in addition to get-things-done. Not necessary for survival, but fulfills the promise of an “elite” expert developer. Caliber and Differentiation — Sets you apart on the job.

Struggle3: stay marketable long term — either in this or in another job market.

Struggle4: move up. Statistically, I guess most developers move into leadership roles but it doesn’t always come to you automatically.


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