sell at exactly $55.5, !!higher !!lower

Sometimes you want to sell at exactly $55.5, not higher not lower.

If your FA/broker sells lower than you asked, then you are obviously unhappy.

If you get sold higher than you planned, you may regret too, because you bought at $57! You wish for the price to recover. You have a max loss tolerance (and a stop-loss order) so you want to wait till $55.5 and then give up. In this case you gave up too early. If you repeat this frequently, you are a chicken.

Now turn to buying….
Q: As a buyer, when would you regret buying lower than your target of $55.5?

A: say you tell broker to buy at $55.5 if market condition remains calm. Earthquake! Broker bought at $27, half your target price. You fire Broker because he didn't know how to judge “market condition”.


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