limit^stop order in FX/eq#my take

See also post on stop orders…

2 common order types to let you buy at a specified price — A) limit order B) stop loss order

My CFA book made it clear that a Stop-Loss-Buy@$5.55 will become a market order once the offer side “touches” that point (compare binary options!). (Note You use a SLB after you enter a short position at a LOWER price like $4. It fires when market moves against you — up in this case.)

– if best offer remains at that price, then your SLB will (partially) fill right there.
– if that 5.55 offer is wiped out and market deteriorates further to 5.58, and your order gets to head of the market-order-queue, then you execute at that price. You suffer a bit. This is the “fall-through” scenario. (For our SLB, this is “break-through”. Anything-through is bad!)
– if market quickly recovers (perhaps offer side gets aggressive) and a LOWER offer is in effect when your order is at head of the queue, then you execute at a BETTER price. This is a touch-and-go scenario.
=== In conclusion, a SL order may execute a bit better/worse than your order price. You can’t control that (but you can quickly send cancels). See

In contrast, a regular Limit-Buy order let’s you control the worst case scenario. If you are filled you are always filled at $5.55 or better.

Note the abbreviated terminology. Stop-Buy is a Buy order, for the purpose of stop-loss.

Some (Forex, eq etc) people claim that a SL executes at a worse price than specified. I believe that’s assuming touch-and-go is rare in practice, and fall-through is far more likely.


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