What if this inflated WallSt IT salary bubble bursts@@

Update: I feel it’s unlikely. The industry is becoming more tech, more data, more automated. Complexity increases. Software has to deal with more complexity, not less.

Tip: remember survival = job market beauty contest, not on-the-job productivity.
** Stay in the leading pack – marathon.
** know your weaknesses on the job_market and on the job

Tip: stay relevant to the business. Business needs critical apps rolled out fast so they can trade. They are willing to sponsor such projects.So what are the critical, non-trivial apps?
– trade booking, sub-ledger, daily unrealized pnl
– pricing – usually non-trivial
– market data – sometimes trivial as traders can simply get a low-tech data feed
– OMS – only in exchange trading

Tip: know the high margin trading desks in each city. These profit centers will continue to pay high. SG (FX …) HK (eq), Ldn (FX, IR …)

Tip: remember pure tech firms might catch up Wall St IT pay.

—(Rest of the items may not address the issue in the subject.)—

Tip? broaden trec into GUI. Many of my server-side systems have a GUI counterpart.
Tip? broaden trec from java/c++ to dotnet, math, market data.
Tip?? move up to architect, team lead
Tip?? broaden trec into BA and prj mgmt
Tip?? deepen — unix tuning, DB tuning, memory tuning, math

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