"experienced" developer in trading system – meaning??

Experience (of an old timer) in “our” system means
– #1) I can rely on this person to help me, if he’s willing
– #2) local sys knowledge
problem solver track record;
– extremely fast turnaround; – knows exactly where to tweak to make it work
– knows what (not) to test
– knows what users (don’t) want;
– knows the limitations of a hell lot of paper designs that don’t work in this context
– can get most assignments done

— To the hiring side —
Experience (of a candidate in the candidate pool) in a similar investment-bank means
– #1) proven track record, so my boss won’t fire me if I hire this candidate unwisely or unsuccessfully
– knows how this kind of place breaths and sucks

Experience (of a developer) in a similar system means
– adequate knowledge of standard tech tools in this space. Best eg — threading
– hopefully 50% familiarity with our tech tools used here, if 100% is the level of my average team members.
– possible knowledge of the limitations of some tools
– possible knowledge of unique capabilities of some tools
– knows the trading conventions and how this kind of things work
– knows the jargons


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