What’s so special about jvm’s portability compared to python/perl, briefly?

When I compile a class in windows, the binary class file is directly usable in unix. (Of course I must avoid calling OS commands.) I don’t think python or perl reached this level.

I feel dynamic, scripting languages are easier to make portable because they offer source-code portability (SCP), no binary code portability (BCP). In other words, BCP is tougher than SCP. I believe BCP is more powerful and valuable.  BCP was the holy grail of compiler design and Java conquered it.

Due to the low entry barrier, some level of SCP is present in many scripting languages, but few (if any) other compiled languages offer BCP, because it’s tough. JVM is far ahead of the pack.

Even C is source-code portable, but C is a known as a poorly portable language due to lack of binary portability.


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