create unbounded queue using STL deque – threading

There’s a STL container adapter — queue over deque. (Probably no queue over vector exists since one end of the vector is hard to operate.) Like all STL containers it’s thread unsafe. But in this context, let’s ignore this adapter and try to design our own adapter.

How many condition variables? I think 1 only — isEmpty.

Q1: How many mutexes? At most 1 at each end of the queue.
%%A: probably 1. See below.

Q1b: Is it possible to allow consumers and producers to operate simultaneously?
%%A1b: I don’t think so. See below.

Q2: What if there’re 0 elements now and both threads are operating on that 1 new element?

For a queue backed by a linked list, Answer 1b might be yes — I feel the producer would button up the entire node and put its address into the head pointer in one instruction. For a deque though, the copying is not an atomic one-stepper. It’s either operator=() or copy-ctor. Before the producer finishes copying, consumer reads the half-copied node! In conclusion, I feel we need a big lock over the entire data structure.


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