non-const-non-primitive field in a const method

As stated on P215 [[effSTL]], inside const methods, all fields act like const fields. This is simpler for primitive fields like an int field, but trickier for non-primitive fields … like Animal —

class C{
Animal f;
Animal const & dump() const;

Inside dump(),
– we can’t overwrite f like “f = anotherAnimal”
– we can’t call mutator methods on f like “f.grow()” — uncompilable
– we can’t remove the “const” from dump() return type — uncompilable in GCC. See also A common IV quiz.
– if Animal class overloads method age() on const, then compiler will statically bind the “f.age()” to the const version.

All these rules are compiler-enforced. No such check at run-time.

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