meta programming — personal reflections

I’m no expert on meta programming. I feel MP is an over-popularized buzzword, with increasingly vague and expanding scope. I’m less interested in what buzzwords are part of MP, and more interested in the very few “pillars” beneath this sprawling complex —

– reflection/introspection
** first-class functions — all functions as first-class objects

– run-time byte-code engineering
– dynamic creation and manipulation of program modules
– nested (often anonymous) code modules[1] such as nested functions/classes — nested in Functions. I feel this is basically “dynamic creation”

– More generally, any compile-time task performed at run time (by your clever hack) is subversive, powerful, dangerous and usually part of meta programming.
** I feel one of the earliest use cases is C++ template meta programming. What used to be a compile-time task — creating similar vector classes for int, float, Dog — is now performed at run time.
** another Simple example in Java reflection — removing “private” access modifier at run time.

Reflection is richer in Python than compiled languages. All functions, methods, types … are first-class objects you can look into at run-time.

Perl offers “subref” and closures, too.

[1] beyond data structure

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