perf ^ functional — techniques, know-how

See also — post on perf^complex query on databases
Background —
* when reading code or publications, we often see 2 broad categories of _techniques_, design skills, know-how…
* When evaluating a developer, we often focus on these 2 types of skills

A) techniques to achieve AAA+ sys performance
B) techniques to achieve basic functionality

I would argue knowledge about B outweighs A in most wall street development jobs. “First get it to _show_ all the essential functionality, then optimize.” is the common strategy — pragmatic. Uncertainty and project risk are the key drivers. Once we show stake-holders we have a base deliverable, everyone feels reassured.

Q: In pursuing quick and dirty, would we end up with an non-scalable design?
A: seldom.

Q: how about low-latency, massive market data feeder, risk overnight batch?
A: I don't have experience there. I would speculate that in these specialized fields, base design is always a battle-tested design[1]. On top of a sound design, quick-and-dirty will not lead to unsolvable issues.

[1] Futuristic designs belong to the lab. Most Wall St systems have serious funding and aren't experimental.

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