## y CTO choosing java over dotnet/python, again

  • proven track record in “my” industry. If python offers a track record then more CTO’s will choose it.
    • php was chosen by wikipedia, Yahoo and facebook (Hack) but remains unproven to many enterprises CTO’s
  • better integration with enterprise-grade infrastructure. Large systems usually need the power of Oracle/DB2/Sybase, Solaris/AIX, Weblogic/Websphere, perhaps beyond microsoft platform
  • better support offered by “my” approved vendors — ibm, oracle, tibco, weblogic…
  • competent developers in java^.NET? I think at least 50% more, given the differing maturity. C++ is even worse.
  • java offers more capabilities and products including open-source. Even if a single needed capability is available in java but not .NET, this one factor alone could be a big factor.
  • cost of programmer, software tools, hardware… Java is not cheaper but Linux is probably cheaper than windows.
  • large scale deployment. c# and python are less proven IMO.
  • avoid lock-in by microsoft. JVM is now offered by IBM and BEA.
  • dotnet is proven only on windows, but linux is the overwhelming favorite operating system

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