getline(): how many kinds]C++std library

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(Note All the getline() functions below are designed to return text from a File or cin — actually a one-way stream. Inapplicable to sockets.)

1) Most documentations mention the older c-str-based istream::getline() However,

2) is std::getline(). Unlike the c-str versions of istream::getline() method, this std::string version is implemented as free function instead of member function in istream class.

This version is more modern. C++11 added new features to this free function, but didn’t bother with (1)

I feel cin can emulate it with for(; !cin.eof(); cin>>str3){…}. Of course, cin can also parse numbers!

Between these 2 getline() functions,
– One uses c-str; the other uses std::string class.
– One is a member function; the other a free function

Similarities —
– both require streams, therefore unusable in C. discusses both.

There’s an IKM question on the member function (1).

3) describes a prehistoric ANSI-C standard library function — not using string Class or istream Class. is a short and sharp tutorial on it.

——- philosophically ——-
We can’t assume the most “everyday” programming tasks in a major language are always well-covered online — completely covered, with the confusing details pointed out. Reading a text file is basic but supported by a confusing bunch of alternatives, all named getline(). does describe pitfalls of istream::getline()


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