##wall blaster handy techniques to impelement features

Challenge — to implement non-trivial logic quickly, cleanly, with assurance and peace of mind.

Default (stupid) solution is a java/c++/c# implementation – painful. The challenge feels like a stone wall to drill through. The following technologies are good dynamites. (Additional Background — often, there’s a legacy Prod codebase…)

#1) regex
#2) SQL execute immediate
) perl
) reflection
) rmi
* embedded db
* multiple-statement SQL batch to implement complex logic
* byte code engineering
* DB constraints to replace app validation
* MOM as concurrency tool
* DB as concurrency tool
* file system as concurrency tool
* jmx
* annotation

* javascript, if this fits into the infrastructure
* xslt
* aop

I don’t fancy dependency-injection, ORM, ajax.


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