##1 week in ML — stay marketable and employable in financial IT

(another blog post)

Problem — in any bank, a contractor or employee at any age could lose job due to many reasons – economy, new boss…
Problem — too many young developers join the job market every year, often from overseas
Problem — we aren’t getting younger 🙂
Problem — waves of new technology

If anyone doesn’t feel the need to worry about it, i feel that’s unwise. One of my strategies to survive is focus on old and core technical topics –

* threading. Wall street always likes threading, even if their system doesn’t use threading
* data structures – java collections, STL, trees, pointers, basic arrays and basic strings (both outdated but extremely relevant)
* OO – static vs non-static, HASA vs ISA, abstract, constructors/destructors, proxy
* DB table + data model design
* DB tuning

Other areas I like
– memory mgmt
– messaging
– unix
– sockets

These technologies didn’t change for the past 10 years, except some new GC algorithms.


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