Yang KPI:learn’huge codebase-goto person, connect user-expectations+codebase

This is an annotated conversation with a team mate.

> “Y (our team lead) has good system knowledge” like how things *should* work.

If Y asks a developer a specific question about how something actually works in the current implementation, he often points out “discrepancies” thanks to his system knowledge. In that case, either the developer is wrong or there’s a bug — Y’s system knowledge is quite sound. I (Bin) feel Y is sharp, quick and can filter and absorb the gist into his big picture.

I feel current implementation is probably fairly close to the “expecation” because it has been used (therefore verified) for years.

I feel Y approaches a complex system from top down, focusing on the how-things-should-work, or so-called “system knowledge” which is non-trivial. That’s one reason Y is more interested in the SQL queries. SQL is useful because DB serves as “checkpoint”.

Part of his learning is weekly user meeting on (high-level or detailed) requirements, bugs … — boils down to user EXPECTATIONS. Team members don’t get that insight. I feel that is more than biz knowledge — such insight connects user expectation with implementation. Much of the insight is summarized in jira and you can tell how much insight there is.

Another part of his learning is knowledge transfer session from his predecessor.

I feel Y asks better questions than I did. “system knowledge” questions. Roland told me he has difficulty getting answers but Y is *persistent* and asked lots of sharp questions until he got all his high/low level doubts cleared. My focus tended to be at a lower level.

Y became a go-to person quickly.

< By system knowledge i think you also mean the PATTERNS and SUMMARIES of logic in codebase. After you study codebase bottom up you inevitably see such patterns.
> “yes”

< how did you pick up in the beginning? There's so much code to get through.
> “only 2 ways to learn — support or development. I worked on development of pgrid and GCA. i followed emails between users and support guys and went into code to verify.”
I (Bin) think there’s also a lot of help from the Infosystem colleagues.

I didn’t follow all the email chains and take those as learning opportunities. Email overload.

Y gave me a plausible learning opportunity — document the haircut rules. But there’s too much logic. I studied it a few times but didn’t connect to the log messages or user issues. I didn’t learn enough to make me a go-to person. Now i know support is the way to go — i get to know what’s important among the hundreds of complex rules and also how-things-should-work.


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