putty — save host-specific config

A host-specific config is saved in a so-called saved-session. To access the list of saved-sessions, go to, paradoxically, _New_Session.._

To see or modify a particular saved-session, you must first Load it. You may need to hit Load several times. Once you are in the “editor” mode on a saved-session,

  • * Navigate to a particular tree branch, like Window
  • * change a particular value there
  • * There’s no Save button. You must navigate back to the original Session page, and hit Save (repeatedly:). This Save button
    ** saves all the settings in the editor
    ** saves them under the session name.
  • * If a parameter has an unsavable value, system will _silently_ drop the change and rollback.

http://tartarus.org/~simon/putty-snapshots/htmldoc/Chapter4.html#config-saving seems to be a good FAQ for this.

How about the config file for each connection? Apparently putty uses registry…

–DefaultSettings as a template: save it if you repeatedly use this template.

launch -> select DefaultSettings -> LOAD -> change any setting -> come back and (click to) highlight DefaultSettings -> SAVE


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