10 coding tips of high-frequency exchange connectivity

[c] use enum/char rather than vptr (Miami
[c] hand-crafted hash table, which is often more optimized for our specific requirement (Barcap
[c] Fixed-width, padded char-array without null terminator (Miami
[c] favor Set to Map
[c] hand-crafted reference counted data structure (Miami
[c] monolithic network-friendly wire format STRUCT for high volume data transfer. Nothing fancy.
[c] java finalizers slowing down garbage collection
[c] favor arrays to object graphs (UBS
[c] avoid boxing and java colllections. Favor primitives. (CS
specialized operator-new. See [[eff c++]]

Note — all of these are considered optimizations on memory. That’s where C++ outsmarts java.

[c=according to insiders]


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