self-management: Part 1: managers’ negative xp

If you ask Wall St IT hiring managers for important personality traits, the most frequent answer is “can get things done on his own”, “less hand-holding”, “low maintenance”, “won’t get stuck”, “…. which is why we want senior, experienced developers”.

Maybe I’m wrong but i assume they are speaking from experience.

Q: what are the negative signs and examples managers have seen in their experience?
A: (see blog on know when to depend on others and when to master a subject) always asking for colleague’s help.
A: inability to summarize issues in writing.
A: inability to generate presentable reports for upper management.
A: can’t get to the point quickly
A: can’t take control of a crisis situation
A: some developers can’t effortlessly, confidently chair a meeting.
A: asking the wrong question, esp. in a mass email. Wrong Like wrong phrases, __indecent_exposure__,
A: problem interfacing with other teams, and esp. teams under rival managers.
A: some developers need manager to remind her over and again some details of the deployment/testing process
A: it could be a good habit to let your mgr proof read your important email to users, but that’s often a sign of hand-holding.

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