##shallow technical xp is uaually enough for GTD

(See also post on theory^how-to explaining threading and eclipse.)

Here’s a list of sexy technical skills hiring managers look for, but when you spend a few months in it you realize there’s no real *accumulation* or depth in it. 1 month’s systematic learning is enough then you need to “meet and greet” the creatures in it. That’s how you become productive with each tool.
– spring, hibernate
– RV
– gemfire
– perl, python because most places don’t use advanced features
– web service

? threading requires some theoretical and analytical skill.
? jvm tuning may require accumulation but needed in only low-latency systems

In contrast,
+ DB tuning requires accumulation
+ c++ requires accumulation
+ c#
+ swing, wpf
+ unix has depth but no job requires it
+ reflection, but no job spec mention it
+ eclipse has, but few job specs mention that


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