MSVS ^ other c++ IDEs on windows

–regarding apps FOR linux
Options: eclipse, codeblocks? Well, I don’t trust the GUI on linux. I’d avoid all GUI IDEs. the Barcap FI c++ team basically uses visual studio + vi to develop c++ apps for Linux.

case closed — no IDE on linux for me.
On windows, front runners are eclipse, codeblocks and msvs. I tried CB — too complex to learn. To be fair, these 3 IDEs are equally complex but I have prior experience with eclipse (due to java) and msvs (due to c#).

Msvs has the most books, online resources and user base — largest support network. Reason? I guess for anyone building apps for windows, msvs is the defacto standard. Many textbooks use msvs shows Boost also supports VS as the primary windows IDE.

Msvs is not free, but some say the freeware MSVSE has c++

Both eclipse and CB uses mingw/gcc, but for apps running on windows, the microsoft compilier is the standard.

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