Management trec vs tech trec

(At least In theory) An experienced developer can do a basic job as PM, architect, BA … but not vice versa. I have seen some examples — Yang, Lance (Lab49), Jerry, Rob Westlaken (Citi), myself in NIE, in EOS+SIM, … Management skill and experience requires less serious training IMO. Many people are born managers. Some people even told me I have good management skill. In a trading system, managers’ competences include

* managing business users
* managing team
* managing the senior manager
* #2) delivering biz value. Finish projects on time, in budget. This is what a keen hiring manager would tell a reluctant candidate. In trading, time to market is a priority.
* #1) meeting senior manager’s expectations, and help him rise.

I feel an experienced developer can meet all these basic requirements.

Miao Weishan pointed out an elite class of managers actually manage very well. I  guess the evidence is that given an ordinary team of resources, such a manager could achieve well above the expectation.  Beside technical know-how, I guess such a manager would demonstrate exceptional judgment (判断力, including strategic insight) and inter-personal skills. Many books talk about the “top 5 fundamental qualities” of a manager, things like
* planning/execution,
* motivation,
* persuasion,
* loyalty of staff,
* energy,
* perseverance/endurance….

I guess many of these qualities are relevant to a parent like me, too. I feel these qualities are well above the basic requirements listed above, so a competent developer isn’t enough.

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