##common IV questions@arch xp

To build and strengthen a lead over non-trading developers, you need to demonstrate architectural experience. Shuo described how to demonstrate management experience. Same idea.

I think a “mainstream” [2] hiring manager in a trading system often looks at in-depth understanding, fundamentals, architecture experience. Now, what kind of questions test your arch?

  • * your favorite pattern — u r expected to know it inside out
  • * describe some difficult design discussion in your team
  • * ….How would you design a solution to this problem?
  • * How did you improve performance (or throughput or latency)
  • * When did you choose async over sync?
  • * how did you use xml?
  • * When in your experience is DB not a good data source?
  • * pros/cons of stored proc?
  • * How did you systematically handle exceptions in your system?

Some of these questions don’t sound like arch-questions. Be careful. I believe some hiring teams actually divide interview questions into categories, with one of them on arch. They actually want to hear your “presentation” on arch. If you talk about other things, they might quietly give you a 0 mark — “unable to operate at a higher level”.

Compared to the average developer, an architect thinks with clarity and focus, and zooms in on the key factors quickly, and probably communicates the same. I remember Yang, Chad (Billing)… Arch questions open up the candidate and reveal design thought process and technical communication style.

[2] neither the sharpest nor the laziest.

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