##which episodes(over 10Y)increased%%zbs(+GTD)

Patterns — usually the “mastery”/zbs grows over a surprisingly long time. I tend to practice over and over again to slowly get the insight. Vast majority of developers lack this contexx.

Note: these portable zbs are less “valuable” than interview skills??
Note: GTD depends more on local system knowledge than generic zbs.

* {zed} unix concepts and power tools [1]
* {GS} complex SQL query and tuning. It probably takes only a few months to reach this level, but the vast majority of developers don’t have this contexx
* {GS} remote debugging
* perl, but unfortunately, unpopular now
* java collections

[1] see post on [[2 types of utility software]]

– Getting comfortable with eclipse, but any above-average insight? no
– ErrorMemos? I put in a lot of effort but is the design techniques portable? no.
– DNS? I became very familiar with it
– oracle? i spent years but am way below average
– apache administration? spent years but …
– php? spent years but …
– javascript and mysql? i became very familiar with it, but any rare insight? no
– excel VBA? i became proficient but still below the average programmer out there.
– CVI (c for virtual instrumentation)? i spent years but …

Now, next targets of growth?


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