##[10]result-oriented lead developer skills

(… that are never tested in interviews)

Many buy-side shops need a lead developer not to manage people but get things done.

In many of my past teams, Site-specific local system knowledge is 95% of the required knowledge. Generic knowledge pales in comparison including portable GTD and zbs.

[t] diagnosis
[t] Unravel and explain (high AND low-level) data flow and business logic. Requests come from business and other teams.
[t] how-to-achieve (H2A) a requirement — knowledge about existing system is far more relevant than generic techniques. Highly valued by employers. Budget is often allocated to requirements.

I feel the Lab49 consultants and the productive GS developers, and Sundip Jangi are good at all these areas.

[t=tracing large amounts of code is required]


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