##decouple to refactor a degenerating codebase

An OO design often starts cleanly decoupled, then gets /entangled/. Over time, tight coupling invariably creeps in (among other code smells) –>

* a class having (too) many fields pointing to other classes we wrote. The laziest way to put some existing logic into another class is to add a field , so-called “dependency” or “service”.
** too many setters
** complex constructors
* too many “new SomeClass” all over the place
* too many objects passed around as method arguments
* too many “public” members

Drawback — rigid, fragile — see post on …

— Some of my favorite refactoring fixes —
– a lot of assertions to document my refactoring assumptions.
– c# style static classes — all-static stateless classes
– black-box Facade
– More shared interfaces
– Factory
– Tuple classes for many-to-many association.
– POJO/DTO classes without methods — you could slowly add one or 2 methods but not recommended when cleaning up a degenerate codebase.
– Enums

– (code smell) use exceptions to break out of loops and call stacks.

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