##java GTD knowledge2deepen on daily basis {SocGen

(blogging again)

Even though we can pass most java interviews (in the east coast:)), I find myself learning bits of practical java how-to on a *daily* basis.

* ant and JVM launch script
* reflection
* thread pool
* concurrency constructs
* serialization
* callback listeners
* generics
* swing

They present everyday challenges to a intermediate developer like me, so better knowledge does improve problem solving, code t r a c i n g and design. These challenges illustrate one reason why I feel less proficient in java than in Perl. I can solve most *practical* Perl problems. Java is bigger and present more “problems”. As I spend more years in java, I hope to pick up more know-how. Therefore java remains my primary study subject, along with c++.

In the list above, I have deliberately omitted vendor products as they aren’t core java IMO. But obviously there’s a lot to learn in them.

* spring
* hibernate
* gemfire
* fitnesse


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