JTable sorter – mkt-data streaming tips

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/996948/live-sorting-of-jtable shows a subtle difference between

fireTableDataChanged(); // triggers re-sort, but ….loses current row selection 😦
fireTableRowsUpdated(0, getRowCount() – 1); // keeps selection 🙂

That’s all about the subtle difference. Here’s a separate issue.

Both of these send some kind of “update” events. To react to them, TableSorter source code reveals a special field —

private boolean sortsOnUpdates; // false by default, so updates to existing rows will NOT trigger re-sort.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/996948/live-sorting-of-jtable shows a simple fix. This is all you need to add this powerful feature into your trading apps — keep a live table sorted

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