value-add for S’pore financial-IT cluster competitiveness

Let’s say we want to add value to Singapore financial-IT sector’s competitiveness, either in a software house or an in-house dev team on Shenton Way. Look at the competitive landscape described in What kind of people do these companies have difficulty recruiting?

* insight [1] into building key financial IT systems. In reality, a department often need a single “navigation guide” to help make (a myriad) key decisions including what to avoid. This guide will help recruit and buy other resources.

[1] gained from deep xp

* Generic PM zbs, generic tech zbs, professionalism … are fundamental, but i think easy to find in Singapore. Perhaps there’s no special personal quality for this sector. Perhaps the top 3 make-or-break personal characteristics are similar to other IT sectors such as logistics, telecom, education …

Even without prior dnlg, if you are sensitive, motivating, strong, self-sacrificing, visionary … you will add value to that “cluster-competitiveness”.

* domain knowledge? As a “cluster”, the SG financial IT sector must offer specific expertise such as remittance and those listed on However, as individuals techies, … I think the dnlg can be acquired in a few weeks to 1 year, and you will be competent even as a team lead. Look at Henk.

* low latency high frequency

* algo trading

Now (2010) i feel generic or entry-level domain knowledge or tech knowledge is not hard to find. Some people say low latency and analytics is now commodity expertise. I don’t agree.

If i need someone to build a billing system, a veteran can guide me to avoid the “good try” routes, but the imperfect design vs the proven design aren’t going to make a huge difference. What about a pricing system? If you don’t have a good guide, maybe you won’t get it done.

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