JTable update – upward^downward (editingStopped()

Upward — update table Model from SQL, MOM (mkt data), or timer (overwhelming mkt data), then fire events.
Downward — mouse/keyb — user editing a cell, then propagate to DB or other UI components.
(–> Here you see the threading issue.)

Q1: How many ways are there to read/write data in jtable?
%%A: i guess 1 — via the table model.

Q1b: is there a separate copy of the model data in the JTable instance?
%%A: i don’t think so.
A: My tests confirm that user edits directly hit the underlying table model (eg 2D array). See also P 449 [[java cookbook]].

   /** Invoked on EDT, when editing is finished.
     * @param  e  the event received
JTable.editingStopped(ChangeEvent e) invokes on EDT —

JTable.getModel.setValueAt(). This method should be customized in your own table model. Your setValueAt() should modify your own data structure (2D array etc) and then fire events
     public void setValueAt(Object value, int row, int col) {
        data[row][col] = …

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