java DB entity object HAS-A DAO@@

Say you have an representing one row in Account table. You have an that read/write the table.

Q: Shall HAS-A AccountDAO instance?
A: I feel should not import AcountDAO at all. should be compilable without Assumption is, is a more generic class. It should be usable in other projects (web, xml serialization, file-based …) without database.

Bottom line — If you want AccountDAO to be compile-time dependent on, then don’t have the reverse-dependency. DAO is one layer above the DB entity objects.

If Account table relates to Customer and Branch tables, it’s perfectly legitimate and perhaps best practice to use HAS-A between these classes. I think Hibernate and many ORM systems do that. These classes exist on the same “layer” so compile-time dependency is perhaps tolerable. To reduce compile-time dependency, use interfaces rather than classes.


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