auto_ptr implementation notes – eSpeed IV

Someone asked me to implement a basic auto_ptr class template. It should be usable like

void foo(int * ip){…}

int* intP = new int(3);
AutoPtr aptr = ….. // create an AutoPtr object to encapsulate intP;

Implement dtor, copier, op=… for the AutoPtr class,

Overload dereference, arrow to mimic pointer behavior.

Q: And what else?
A: cvctor to convert int ptr to an AutoPtr

Q: how about an operator-overload-converter (OOC) to convert from an AutoPtr to an int ptr? Why do we need it?
A: an auto ptr should be usable as an int ptr, ie foo(aptr). This requires the OOC.

Now you see the need to implicit convert both ways between AutoPtr and raw ptr!

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