[09]a function as a friend to 2 classes: syntax rule

“I name my friends!” I’m a class with private fields/methods. I can name another class to be a “friend-class”, so all its instance can access private members of my instance.

Now friend-function — I can also name a function as my friend. The function is identified by the full prototype (including const, return type …). Therefore, when i name the friend function, the syntax looks …..

The access controller treats each function [1] as an “thingy”, a special thingy in a running process, with its own identity (and address).

Now you can understand that a function can be friend to 2 classes.

[1] non-member, non-friend functions included, and also overloaded operators

See also http://newdata.box.sk/bx/c/htm/ch15.htm for transfer and inheritance resitrictions


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