boost thread described by its creator

Excerpts from There's also a very short program featuring boost mutex, and a program featuring boost bind, …

Many C++ experts provided input to the design of Boost.Threads. The interface is not just a simple wrapper around any C threading API. Many features of C++ (such as the existence of constructors/destructors, function objects, and templates) were fully utilized to make the interface more flexible. The current implementation works for POSIX, Win32

Currently (2002), not a lot can be done with a thread object created in Boost.Threads. In fact only two operations can be performed. Thread objects can easily be compared for equality or inequality using the == and != operators to verify if they refer to the same thread of execution, and you can wait for a thread to complete by calling boost::thread::join. Other threading libraries allow you to perform other operations with a thread (for example, set its priority or even cancel it). However, because these operations don’t easily map into portable interfaces….

Boost.Threads is designed to make deadlock very difficult. No direct access to operations for locking and unlocking any of the mutex types is available. Instead, mutex classes define nested typedefs for types that implement the RAII (Resource Acquisition in Initialization) idiom for locking and unlocking a mutex. This is known as the Scoped Lock pattern. To construct one of these types, pass in a reference to a mutex. The constructor locks the mutex and the destructor unlocks it. C++ language rules ensure the destructor will always be called, so even when an exception is thrown, the mutex will always be unlocked properly.

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