##[09]low latency techniques

roughly ranked in terms of interviewer’s emphasis

  1. OOM and GC. memory conservation.
    1. Avoid dupe objects.
    2. avoid keeping large order state object
  2. parallelism
  3. avoid recursion
  4. JVM tuning beyond GC tuning
  5. –network
  6. avoid network like distributed cache. Favor single-JVM designs
  7. NIO
  8. FIX payload size reduction, such as encoding and compression
  9. –MOM
  10. multicast. RV is more stable than the newly invented multicast-JMS
  11. MOM message size control
  12. !! Peer-to-peer messaging eliminates message brokers and daemon processes

http://www.sun.com/solutions/documents/pdf/fn_lowlatency.pdf — diagrams, brevity.

JRockit real time — http://www.oracle.com/appserver/docs/low-latency-capital-markets-whitepaper.pdf

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