double-colon q[ :: ] in c++

Recently I hit this confusion multiple times. The compiler is not confused because the usage scenarios are distinct —

  1. usage — namespace1::free_func2(). Example – you can specify std::swap() instead of your local swap()
    • somewhat similar to java package separator the dot
  2. usage — classA::staticMethod1()
  3. usage (very useful) — superclassA::instanceMethod3(). This is equivalent to this->superclassA::instanceMethod3() //tested
  4. usage — classB::localType

Actually, the first 2 scenarios have similar meanings. Java simply merged both into the dot.

boost::this_thread::get_id() shows two usages.

I believe a field name can replace the function name.

MyNamespace1::MyNamespace2::j = 10; // nested namespace
std::terminate() and ::operator new() are similar to and methods.

In a class template, the #2 and #4 usages can confuse the compiler. See P670 [[c++primer]].

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