JGC pauses + stop-the-world JGC

These are some random notes. What we need later is go to the bottom of the issue and summarize the key points.

I guess GC can cause pauses even outside those brief stop-the-world moments. Concurrent collection is not immune to pauses. “Incremental CMS works by doing very small stop_the_world phases to accomplish the concurrent phases, instead of using concurrent threads. Sun recommends this mode for one or two processors.”

Concurrent garbage collectors seldom stops program execution, except perhaps briefly when the program’s execution stack is scanned. “when app needs to allocate a new object, the runtime system may need to suspend it until the collection cycle is complete, or …”

Concurrent GC runs concurrently_with_the_application.
http://www.softwareengineeringsolutions.com/blogs/2010/04/30/garbage-collection-in-java-part-2/ is a short blog article.
http://www.softwareengineeringsolutions.com/blogs/2010/04/30/garbage-collection-in-java-part-2/ says constructor may block when GC is called upon (asynchronously?) to free up more memory.

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